DJ Mix #369: Supernova

DJ Mix #369

23 Apr. 2015
Supernova are Emiliano Nencioni and Giacomo Godi. Known for their distinctive DJ style their current set-up comprises live instruments, decks and Ableton to create an ever-evolving musical experience. Supernova have played at some of the most established venues and festivals on the planet, including ElRow (Barcelona), Monegros Desert Festival, Space (Ibiza), Ministry Of Sound (London), Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos), Kazantip Festival (Ukraine), Cielo ( NYC), Tenax and Magazzini Generali (Italy), Space (Miami) and many many more.

Their first major project of 2013 also comes from the Defected stable as they mix one third of the long-running and acclaimed Miami compilation series, along with fellow Italians Flashmob and Pirupa. This will be preceded by another EP on the label entitled The World is Crazy, a two-track EP which flirts with darker, deeper sounds while retaining their trademark dancefloor grooves and hooks.