DJ Mix #39 - Gee Moore

DJ Mix #39

1 Nov. 2002
Gee Moore
Gee Moore is a dj and music producer who has been living and working in Ibiza for the past seven years, he has had a musical up bringing while living in England where he had been a singer and guitarist in various bands from the age of fifteen. In 1997 he started as DJ of Bora Bora beach bar Ibiza which is now probably the most famous beach bar club in the world, he has also over this period of time had DJ residences in all the top 7 clubs on the island including El Divino, Pacha, Privilege and Space etc, and in 2002 holding residences at 5 of these clubs as well as Bora Bora at the same time for promoters over the years like Trade, Zenith, Salvacion, FXXX House, Clockwork Orange, MTV festival, and more. He is famous for not only his unique sound which covers nearly all styles of dance music from U.S Garage, House, Tribal, Tec House through to Techno and Trance, but also his marathon 10 to 12 hour daily sets at Bora Bora from June to October.