DJ Mix #432 Punu

DJ Mix #432

22 Jul. 2016
Punu, by the real name of Florin Crancu comes from the small town, which gave a lot, Jimbolia Romania. The first musical experience is when he discovers drums as his favorite instrument, at the age of 16, and he starts with a bunch of friends, his first rock band. After a while he starts playing with electronic music production, and starts producing a few tracks. His main influences were drumn.. He?s been known as Punu since forever, and his passion for music is as old as his alias. He always had the rhythm in him and he realised that when he found himself always bangin' on stuff in the house pretending he was drumming. The first real contact, though, with music was at age of 16 when he got his first drum set. Then it all started! Influenced by bands like Deftones, Incubus, The Cure, Massive Attack, Tricky, etc he starts drumming in all kinds of garage bands and projects here and there, until he figured out he can do this on a more serious level, and after several years of playing around he gets into more serious projects. Having a real passion for electronic music too, he later starts playing with music production.