DJ Mix #495 - Emmanuel Top

DJ Mix #495

29 Sep. 2017
- Emmanuel Top

His unique sound expression is gonna reach again the techno scene for some pure damages. Emmanuel Top belongs to the hall of fame of legendary techno producer. He sold millions of records (vinyl) with aliases such as B.B.E., Plexus, Karlos Mendez, Age of love,..

On TOP of that he made many classics under his own name such as Acid Phase, Turkish Bazar, Radio, La Pipe a Eau, Tone, Krankenhaus, Ecsta-Deal, Stress, etc .. 
through his own imprint Attack Rec.

Played by almost every dj s all over the world, his name is a trademark of quality music and characterful music.

Beginning in the early '90s, Emmanuel Top became France's first techno superstar, even if his popularity was greater in countries like Germany and England than his own country. His avant-guardist album Asteroid (96) on Novamute was a key album which influenced many techno producers of today.

Top's next step took him to Nova Mute. There, Top debuted with the Lobotomie EP, followed by the Spherique 12" and the Asteriod LP in 1996.
Now he is concentrating on Dj gigs all over the world and his new label ]FºKªLM[

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