DJ Mix #499 - Iris

DJ Mix #499

3 Nov. 2017
- Iris
Varying repetitive beats, wondrous minimalistic themes and a strong bass line ? Iris Menza is bringing home tech-house and techno?s most exhilarating dance tracks. Raised in the proximity of Belgian?s metropolis Antwerp and aroused by the atmosphere created by underground club-DJ?s Iris Menza got drawn to the DJ-booth. Iris? sets are inspiring explorations and brings in a fresh vibe to modern day Tech-House and techno influenced by record labels such as Rekids, Dame Music, Moan, Kote Records, Kompakt, Lazerslut, Frucht, 1Trax, Ostgut Ton to name a few. Time after time she succeeds in creating an atmosphere some adherents describe as ?magical?. Steadily her influence on the scene is expanding, in Belgium as well as internationally. Recently Iris participated Fire In The Disco agency in Amsterdam. Her success has led her to play at much appreciated gigs in Italy, Geneva (Swiss) Germany, France and Holland. Recently Iris has been visiting more often the city of Berlin where she performs at legendary venues such as Golden Gate and Sisyphos. Her music, performance and persona fit perfectly into the vibe not only of these venues but the entire city. FB SC @deejayiris BP TW