DJ Mix #503 - Taku Hirayama

DJ Mix #503

1 Dec. 2017
Taku Hirayama

Let music breathe in concrete jungle. Resonating his appreciation for dance music with bunch of music collection and environmental surroundings. Dripping groove with seamless long mixing of techno, house also chill out, ambient or experimental music. Response to dancefloor, smooth stripped down minimal groove could be built up with solid groovy house, or trippy hypnotic techno, even dreamy after hours sound. Control and release, dedication and experience, he moves dancefloor with wide range selection. Originally from south Japan, currently based in Hong Kong and taking music direction at Oma, a hidden small basement club in heart of the city. His passionate attitude for music, also resident party Junktion have connected with numbers of selective DJs and upcoming talents across the globe. Also himself travels small dancefloor to outdoor festival world widely. 2017 in summer, made a chance to show his soundscape at Berghain's mainfloor in second EU tour. TAKU HIRAYAMA (oma Hong Kong / Junktion / Jazzy Sport) Resident Advisor SoundCloud Mixcloud