DJ Mix #545

12 Aug. 2019

Jump in GRAZZE’s deep and unique universe with this one-hour mix
GRAZZE, in love with music, nature and the magic of the night, is born in Spain and is now based in Dublin.
Immersed in a music environment since his young age, he is now a prolific producer and DJ, having
released music on virtuous labels, as well as a producer and sound engineer for other famous artists.
Enjoy this one-hour hypnotic and atmospheric mix, which reflects GRAZZE’s capacity to combine deep,
melodic and progressive tracks through a brilliant technique. He is exploring and developing an elegant
and emotive approach on its deepest side; harmonies and melodic details being the essence of his work.
He is also mixing some ethnic and dynamic tracks, adding a groovy feeling by bringing strong drums and
bass lines.
The tracklist is available below. The set includes most of his recent releases, paired with a great selection
of tracks from artists that inspire him.

GRAZZE began his journey into the electronic music scene at the age of 14 after having studied piano and
musical theory. With a degree in sound engineering, GRAZZE specializes in the technical areas of
production, mixing and mastering while pursuing his practice of guitar and percussion.
As a music producer, he reached Top 1 sales on Beatport with “Blow Your Mind” in 2015. Since then, he
has been working with major labels such as Anjunadeep, Armada Music, Glasgow Underground, Baroque
Records, Armada Electronic Elements, while gaining the support of well-known media like DJ Mag, Red
Bull Music, Ibiza Global Radio or When We Dip, among many others.
Since 2012, GRAZZE has been working in sound production and technique in broadcasting companies,
being an official DJ of several radio shows including his own, “Sounds of GRAZZE” at Ibiza Global Radio. In
addition of focusing on his artistic project, he is also working as a music producer and sound engineer for
other acclaimed artists and prestigious music labels of international renown.

2019 has been, without any doubt, his best year regarding music success, starting with the very promising
release “Cat & Mouse” on Armada Music, later remixed by D-Formation. The remix of the track “Lost” by
Stan Kolev reached very positive chart results and the release of “Querencia”, a track flourishing with
exotic field recordings and subtle percussive build, marks his brilliant debut on Anjunadeep. In May, he
made his premiere on ZEHN Records, Tube & Berger’s new label, by releasing “Time we are in” EP
alongside Tomi H.


GRAZZE - Querencia
Wally Lopez - PSYCHO (Rob Kali Remix) 
Paraleven - Ripples
Solee - Pink Panther
GRAZZE - Cat & Mouse (D-Formation Remix)
Paki Palmieri feat. PJ D’Arpino - Kalimba 
GRAZZE - Lost (Stan Kolev Remix)
Blindsmyth - Frozen
GRAZZE, Tomi H - Time We Are In (Tube & Berger Remix)
Nox Vahn, Marsh - Prospect
Stephan Jolk - Versoria (D-Formation & GRAZZE Remix)
Beckers, D-Nox feat. Budakid - Biotope
Simos Tagias & Golan Zocher - Orange (D-Formation Remix)

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