Dj Mix #546 - Priantae - Vinyl Only

DJ Mix #546

9 Jan. 2020

We are delighted to deliver this smooth, sexy underground vinyl only dj set recorded exclusively for Dance Television by Priantae! We`ve enjoyed every minute with those music gems!


1. Dragutesku - B2 Ostentativ (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
2. Denis Kaznacheev - A1 The Last Night With A Singing Fridge (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
3. Shiba - A1 One To Three (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
4. Keco - B1 Jengibre (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
5. Mbius - A2 Tarot (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
6. Pascal Benjamin - A2 5th Snooze (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
7. S.A.M. - Alright (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
8. Denis Kaznacheev - C1 Rubin Ford Effect (Lee Burton Remix) (VINYL ONLY)
9. Giorgio Maulini - April 29th (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
10. Niko Maxen - A1 Spoilt for Choice (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
11. Pascal Benjamin - B1 Full Colour (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
12. Unknown Collective - A1 Mm1 (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
13. Jake Flory - He Was Coming Down (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
14. Prodot - Raux (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
15. Diego Krause - B2 Lost Tribe (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
16. RAW Equipment - A1 Timestamp (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
17. Diego Krause - A1 Bring The Noise (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
18. Priantae - 1977 (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
19. FR!SKY BUZINESS - A1 Gray Goo Romance (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
20. Nobodi - Black Bird (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
21. Sota - Kleo's Dub (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)
22. Swoy - A2 Story #2 (Original Mix) (VINYL ONLY)