30 years of Acid with Mark Archer, Bradley Gunn | The Acid Experiment

DT Originals

February 2018
Altern8, Mark Archer
Event / Location

The Acid Experiment's free party returns with what was by far their biggest party of 2017 with over 1500 people spread across the full LAB11 complex, in order to kick start a fresh year of raving with a major acid bang!

For this special occasion we sat down & discussed with Altern 8 & Bradley Gunn Raver about the evolution of Acid House over the years, how Acid House's perception has developped, and how a musical genre defined a whole generation of electronic music lovers. This is, The Acid Experiment.

Being the 30th anniversary of the summer of love, The Acid Experiment are heading back to their roots this year, with old and new residents, alongside a few secret special guests and a massive production across the whole of Lab11 to provide hedonistic acid house utopia to the masses.

As they enter their 3rd year of parties, their mission stays the same. Delivering only the very best light & sound production available, alongside a core team of residents who know the ins and outs of the acid sound, they look to bring the original rave era right back into modern day Britain.


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