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Wed. 2 October 2019

Kas:st pictures a generation in search of meaning with its new music video for "Hell On Earth"

- Watch the full music video -

Kas:st is a duo of musicians born in Paris but currently based in Barcelona. They released tracks on various labels like "Concrete generation", “Rapid eye movement”, “Etruria beat”, “Taapion records” and more. Carol and Manuel, sophisticated visionaries, produce experimental sounds. Their devotion to music lead them to found their own techno label: “Flyance Records”.

Kas:st’s compositions are inspired by all kinds of arts and their music resonates around basic but impactful purely human emotions like loneliness, melancholy with the desire to love, dance... Their universe revolves around cosmic synchrony and universal laws. The techno duo regularly aesthetically select titles with references to spatial dimensions and atmosphere.

In September 2018, the “Road to nowhere” project is launched (on Flyance Records), featuring 12 original pieces of work. Oriented in a universal language and in mathematics, the duo naturally decides to devote one piece to each month of the year. Six compositions from this project have already been released. Kas:st is planning a vinyl release featuring all tracks by the end of the year.
Continuing their music landscapes explorations, the techno duo releases today their first full-length video project: a powerful emotion-packed music video for their track “Hell On Earth”, directed by Louis Herbeuval. 
It evokes feelings of those left in the corner, lost, purposeless generations, somewhere in the french countryside, where despair, the grayness of thoughts, lack of confidence in dreams, combined with a series of bad choices, quite naturally propel the younger generation to a dramatic end.

In the video of “Hell On Earth”, Kas:st relates contemporary topics related to the recurrence of human errors, addictions, missed chances, which over time, have become the "natural" extension of the modern individual.
There is a sense of depression, compounded by the dependencies designed in the space of fears, the total abuse that leads to self-destruction.
The dynamic sound collaboration with the many atmospheres associated with the grayness of days is a reminder of the lives of Trainspotting boys.

Despite the grim subject, Louis Herbeuval's work is extremely contemplative and aesthetic. A dualistic image is created between the subject and his treatment. In an attempt to balance human nature, claiming that not everything is black and white. The sky is gray, judgments are blurred, bottles are empty and dreams are evaporated from under the arrows of an alarm clock that doesn't ring because no one is in a hurry.
This is the story of a young but confused generation leading a static-dynamic life. Influenced by the changes of a demanding modern society. Without a special vote. Cognizant of the empty repetition of your own reality.

Musically, “Hell On Earth” represents the will of the tech duo Kas:ts to explore something different from actual techno trends. With a strong emphasis on emotions and a wide range of musical influences, they have created a hybrid track beyond the usual, recognizable 'techno sound'.
In line with the vision of the artistic universe, varying between hypnotic rhythms and dark, mind-numbing emotions, french musicians manage to get to the “mental and melodic” aspect, which is a big step in “techno” environments.
The duo enjoys a solid reputation, playing live sets, at clubs and festivals, in Europe and beyond, such as: Concrete, Hors Series, Instytut, Rex Club, Tresor.

Inspired by the feedback from the public so far, Kas:ts share that the project they are working hard on - "Road to nowhere" is filling them with new ideas.

We are looking forward to seeing the new songs released on the record, along with their first powerfull video, to the melodic techno track “Hell on Earth”!

Watch the full music video and stay tuned for the album!

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