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Wed. 8 August 2018

Where is Rawri Ep 1 - World Premiere on Ziggo Netherlands 09.08.2018 at 8:30pm (CET)

Where’s Rawri - In search of the music

We are happy to announce the first premier of Where’s Rawri? - In search of the music. 

DT has partnered-up as a co-producer of a fresh new TV show with Funk-Soul Media, Where’s Rawri. We promise to take you on a journey, exploring the culture of the electronic music scene as well as getting to know those who have dedicated their lives to it. Follow Rawri as he takes you on a musical culture tour to world-renowned music events as he searches for what it means to be a part of the electronic way of life. 

Make sure not to miss out on the first premier of our new show, which will be airing on the 8/8/2018 on Ziggo, Channel 602 at 20h30. 

You can also make sure to keep up with Rawri’s journey by following these links: 


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