Sarcus Festival

Sarcus Festival, home for electronic (de)connection ! 

Sarcus Festival aims to be (de)connected from headliners, by programming only emerging French artists in music, visual arts, live performance & digital arts. 

(De)connected from the city, in quirky places such as an 18th-century manor house in Picardy, the Gambais mill, a former medieval building and finally a 13th Abbey classified as a historical monument and protected by UNESCO. 

(De)connected from phones to allow festival goers to live an experience in the present moment, a return to the object and senses, for a questioning of the digital whole. 

Sarcus Festival, first mobile phone-free festival, offers a form of resistance to this «continuous connection» with musical events without mobiles. This (de)connection allows you to connect better to others, to the unknown, to yourself! 

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