Kudos Beach

The party starts in the north side of Mamaia, the Black Sea Coast's most fashionable resort. Close to the hotels and everything you need, Kudos Beach is the place to be for unforgettable parties. Or incredible tan. Or both. Every weekend of the summer, Romanian and international Djs are making the beach too small for the party people that gather here from every corner of the world.

The 10.000 sqm generous space hosts a larger number of beach chairs, from the bar all the way to the sea. These are surrounded by confortable mini-couches and umbrellas, for people to avoid long exposures in the hot sun. The mixing-desk, equiped with a new sound system and professional DJ gear, is cleverly integrated into a boat, right in the middle, with a dance area in front and a mini-pool in the center, perfect for a quick splash. The covered bar welcomes you right at the entrance, with couches on the sides and a cool or strong menu, depending on the time of day.

All the beach is decorated as a unique style, avant-garde, the work of Kudos artists that share the love for good music every summer!

Kudos Beach featured on dancetelevision.net:
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