Kas:st - Hell on Earth (Music Video)


October 2019

In September 2018, the “Road to nowhere” project is launched (on Flyance Records), featuring 12 original pieces of work. Oriented in a universal language and in mathematics, the duo naturally decides to devote one piece to each month of the year. Six compositions from this project have already been released. Kas:st is planning a vinyl release featuring all tracks by the end of the year.
Continuing their music landscapes explorations, the techno duo releases today their first full-length video project: a powerful emotion-packed music video for their track “Hell On Earth”, directed by Louis Herbeuval. 
It evokes feelings of those left in the corner, lost, purposeless generations, somewhere in the french countryside, where despair, the grayness of thoughts, lack of confidence in dreams, combined with a series of bad choices, quite naturally propel the younger generation to a dramatic end.

In the video of “Hell On Earth”, Kas:st relates contemporary topics related to the recurrence of human errors, addictions, missed chances, which over time, have become the "natural" extension of the modern individual.


Find out more about Kas:st on their DT profile. 


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