Rodriguez Jr. (Live) | Mobilee Showcase, FACT Music Pool Series, OFF Week - Barcelona (Spain)

DJ Set #397

June 2015
Event / Location
Mobilee Showcase / Barcelona (Spain)

As the night falls over Barcelona, Fact Music Pool Series welcomes another eclectic musician, Rodriguez Jr. who delivers his renowned live set. Rodriguez Jr. joins Mobilee Records showcase, a Berlin-based label he's been collaborating with since 2005.

01 00:00:07 Know this track? Tell us
02 00:03:09 Rodriguez Jr.
03 00:07:36 Rodriguez Jr. ft Cari Golden
Music Don't Lie (Acapella)
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04 00:08:38 Rodriguez Jr.
05 00:15:24 Rodriguez Jr.
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06 00:25:20 Rodriguez Jr.
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07 00:30:04 Know this track? Tell us
08 00:35:45 Know this track? Tell us
09 00:42:22 Know this track? Tell us
10 00:48:55 Rodriguez Jr.
Muppet Anthem
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