DJ Rush | Blakksheep Showcase, ADE2015 - Dockyard Festival - Amsterdam (Netherlands)

DJ Set #427

October 2015
Event / Location
Blakksheep Showcase / Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Blakksheep's showcase at Dockyard Festival was in for a perfect ending when DJ Rush stepped behind the decks. He delivered a powerful performance filled with heavy techno beats. His relentless energy spoke to his crowd, which reciprocated in ceaseless dancing and loads of hand-waving.

01 00:00:06 Axel Karakasis
Peace Pipe (Steve Mulder Remix)
02 00:02:35 Know this track? Tell us
03 00:08:34 Marco P
Politics (Redhead Remix)
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04 00:13:59 David Pereira
The Last Gate (Redhead Remix)
05 00:18:09 Sandro Galli
Psyco Correction
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06 00:20:55 Juan Lara
07 00:24:32 Know this track? Tell us
08 00:27:44 Know this track? Tell us
09 00:32:32 Know this track? Tell us
10 00:35:06 Know this track? Tell us
11 00:37:56 Sandro Galli
White Skull (Amir Razanica Remix)
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12 00:41:00 Know this track? Tell us
13 00:45:08 Bryan Cox
Walking Saw
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