De Sluwe Vos | Extrema Outdoor (Netherlands)

DJ Set #463

July 2016
Event / Location
Extrema Outdoor / Eindhoven

The highly gifted and technical producer quickly flew through the ranks after impressing in his Dutch hometown Deventer. Robert Vosmeijer a.k.a De Sluwe Vos, now finds himself featuring at global events on star-studded platforms, such as Lowlands and Awakenings. His lengthy DJ sets are a true master class in house and techno. An injection of irresistible hooks and ragged kicks, making his sound truly distinct leaving a strong impression wherever he goes. On a staggering day of action at this year's Extrema Outdoor festival, De Sluwe Vos took to the stage to lay day a masterclass of tech-house sounds.

01 00:00:03 Roy Davis Jr.
House Inferno
02 00:04:05 DJ Pierre Feat. Felicia
Come Together (What Is House?)
03 00:07:54 Phuture
Mental Breakdown (Professor Traxx Mix)
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04 00:10:19 Todd Terry Presents Sax
Make It Right
05 00:12:21 Know this track? Tell us
06 00:15:08 Alex AQ
Don't Break It
07 00:17:10 Beesmunt Soundsystem
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08 00:19:13 Know this track? Tell us
09 00:24:01 Delta Funktionen
10 00:26:34 Know this track? Tell us
11 00:31:14 Know this track? Tell us
12 00:34:20 DJ Ford Foster
13 00:36:44 Know this track? Tell us
14 00:39:16 Blake Baxter
Our Luv
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15 00:41:18 Joe Lewis
Funky Disco
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16 00:44:35 Mall Grab
I Just Wanna
17 00:47:45 Mike Dunn
So Let It Be House!
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