Denis Korablev | Mioritmic Festival - Cluj-Napoca (Romania)

DJ Set #478

October 2016
Denis Korablev
Event / Location
Mioritmic Festival / Cluj-Napoca

Let's kick off the series of episodes from the mysterious and esoteric Mioritmic festival with a Russian artist, known as Denis Korablev. A firm protagonist of clean minimal beats infused with occasional House and Techno flavors, Denis blends in perfectly with the sound and soul of Mioritmic. Take a look at how the co-owner of BP recordss assembles a proper warm up set and thus creates a perfect mood for a memorable night. This year's edition of Mioritmic was truly a feast for the ears.

01 00:00:03 Nice 'n Trick
Acidulescu (Nima Gorji Remix)
iTunes Beatport
02 00:02:00 Makcim & Levi
03 00:05:13 Pap Inc
Six Bullets
04 00:08:09 Know this track? Tell us
05 00:12:39 Know this track? Tell us
06 00:15:50 Know this track? Tell us
07 00:22:14 Audiothèque
08 00:27:14 Makcim & Levi
09 00:29:29 Heartz 4
Intimacy Girl
10 00:32:10 Fulvio Ruffert & Gregorio Serasin
Methsoup (Nekow Remix)
11 00:34:32 Know this track? Tell us
12 00:42:14 Topper
Hight Red (Nima Gorji Remix)
13 00:45:54 Know this track? Tell us
14 00:48:55 Know this track? Tell us

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