Lehar | Diynamic Outdoor Off-Week Edition, Barcelona (Spain)

DJ Set #508

June 2017
Event / Location
Diynamic Outdoor Off-Week Edition / Barcelona (Spain)

At this year’s Diynamic showcase during the Off Week in Barcelona (Spain), Lehar showed off the very best of his music. In every single set, Lehar puts all his heart & emotions and has this very specific ability to transmit that to the crowd, and thus to bond with it. Indeed, during his set, the crowd keeps bouncing, following Lehar as he leads everybody in his own realm characterized by catchy beats that fill your soul and move your feet. So put on your best dancing shoes and be ready to swing hard.

01 00:00:04 Denis Horvat
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02 00:01:37 Know this track? Tell us
03 00:05:10 Know this track? Tell us
04 00:08:36 Quentin Harris
EP #6
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05 00:13:57 Mano Negra
Sueño De Solentiname
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06 00:19:42 Lehar
iTunes Beatport Discogs Traxsource
07 00:27:30 Tabu
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08 00:33:10 Toto Ciavetta
Amuchina Bar
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09 00:38:43 Toto Ciavetta
Nothing Really Matters
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10 00:45:20 Musumeci
Hey Mama
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11 00:52:45 Musumeci
Mood Organs
iTunes Beatport Discogs Traxsource
12 00:59:01 Lehar
The Last Track
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