De Sluwe Vos | Extrema Outdoor 2017 (Netherlands)

DJ Set #519

July 2017
Event / Location
Extrema Outdoor / Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Extrema Outdoor NL was one rocking ride when De Sluwe Vos took over the stage! Watch him deliver a powerful Techno set with a lot of climaxes that kept the energy flowing throughout the party.

01 00:00:35 Alpha 606
808 Trax
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02 00:01:40 Know this track? Tell us
03 00:06:50 Anne Clarke
Our Darkness (Total Eclipse Remix)
04 00:09:32 Know this track? Tell us
05 00:15:21 Know this track? Tell us
06 00:19:42 Zeta Reticula
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07 00:22:13 Know this track? Tell us
08 00:23:37 Bruno Belluomini
09 00:26:04 The Night Flyer
All Wrong
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10 00:29:51 // TENSE //
Disconnect Myself (The Beau Wanzer Adjustment)
11 00:32:25 Acid Junkies
Zurig (Thomas Heckmann Remix)
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12 00:36:17 Know this track? Tell us
13 00:41:03 Jeff Mills
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14 00:43:41 Shift Work
Patience (JD Twitch Edit)
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15 00:47:30 I Break Horses
16 00:52:04 Tim Taylor & Dan Zamani
The Horn Track (Fred Remix)
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