Alfred Heinrichs | Nature One (Germany)

DJ Set #533

August 2017
Alfred Heinrichs
Event / Location
Nature One / Germany

At Nature One in Germany, Alfred Heinrichs’ performance was massive! Hypnotic visuals & seamless transitions were a perfect match to keep the energy high on the dancefloor. A true highlight of the festival!

01 00:00:04 Jan Ritter
melancholic moog (Alfred Heinrichs Remix)
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02 00:03:39 Know this track? Tell us
03 00:09:12 Steam Shape
Leave it behind
04 00:12:25 Martin Books
nikita (Alfred Heinrichs Remix)
05 00:16:54 Know this track? Tell us
06 00:22:15 Know this track? Tell us
07 00:24:53 Alfred Heinrichs
08 00:29:22 Know this track? Tell us
09 00:30:51 T78
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10 00:32:23 Micronaut
prism (Alfred Heinrichs Remix)
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11 00:39:18 Analog Agenda
Cloud By Cloud
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12 00:42:59 Moby
Feeling So Real (Alfred Heinrichs Remix)
13 00:45:49 Torsten Kanzler
eve (Alfred Heinrichs Remix)
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