Carl Cox | Circus Records 15th Anniversary (Liverpool)

DJ Set #539

September 2017
Event / Location
Circus 15th Birthday / United Kingdom

Carl Cox touched down in Liverpool and absolutely smashed Circus 15th birthday party with an outrageous set. Get ready for an hour of top-notch tech house and techno tunes from the big man. Enough said, turn it up and let the music do the rest !

01 00:00:04 Denney
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02 00:03:37 Know this track? Tell us
03 00:06:11 Gat Decor
Passion (Fake Forward Edit)
04 00:09:20 Know this track? Tell us
05 00:12:04 Latmun feat. Amy Douglas
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06 00:16:18 Know this track? Tell us
07 00:20:44 Gregor Tresher
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08 00:25:23 Know this track? Tell us
09 00:27:41 CamelPhat
Gypsy King
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10 00:30:22 Deetron
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11 00:35:03 Know this track? Tell us
12 00:38:01 Juan Diaz
13 00:39:36 Emmanuel Top
Acid Phase
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14 00:41:38 Green Velvet
La La Land (Prok|Fitch Sweet Sixteen Remix)
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15 00:46:23 DJ Sly
When I Was Child
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16 00:47:09 Know this track? Tell us
17 00:48:18 Dakar
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18 00:52:14 Gene Farris & Anthony Attalla
Pocket Party
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19 00:55:40 CamelPhat
The Jungle Cook
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20 00:58:37 Know this track? Tell us

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