Cap | Stump London

DJ Set #571

February 2018
Event / Location
Stump / London, UK

Cap's magnetism derives from trying new things and colors outside the lines with every new gig. An ever-present figure in Romania's bubbling electronic music scene, he presents groove-led, seductive productions—from well-known classics to hidden, undiscovered minimal gems—with subtle, smooth transitions. Those who've seen him play, from Sunwaves, Club Guesthouse to various venues across Europe and North America, will likely have noted the versatility in his selections.

At Stump in London, Cap played as a warmup for Raresh and Cezar with such good Minimal Tech vibes to deliver to the dancefloor! Pay attention to the incredible visuals made by Côté.

01 00:00:05 Mario Viera, Mani Rivera
Plastic Bag
Beatport Traxsource
02 00:02:55 Alci
03 00:06:30 Thomas Courribet
One Soft Touch(To Kill Me)
iTunes Beatport Traxsource
04 00:09:00 Nici Frida
Mood Inside
iTunes Beatport Traxsource
05 00:12:40 Marquese
Into It
06 00:16:00 Mandingo
Universe II (Melchier Productions Ltd Remix)
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07 00:20:05 Marc Miroir
iTunes Beatport Discogs Traxsource
08 00:23:00 Enzo Siragusa
iTunes Discogs Traxsource
09 00:28:00 Know this track? Tell us
10 00:32:20 Wisconsin12
11 00:34:05 Know this track? Tell us
12 00:37:10 Know this track? Tell us
13 00:40:00 Know this track? Tell us
14 00:43:20 Know this track? Tell us

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