Andrew Meller | Green Love Festival

DJ Set #579

Part 1 of 2
April 2018
Andrew Meller
Event / Location
Green Love Festival / Novi Sad (Serbia)

Being a DJ first, Andrew Meller loves to experiment on the dancefloor and continues to bewilder and amaze the audiences with his powerful performances. Andrew stated that he loves to play with human psychology and deliver what’s least expected. The man took over the stage at Green Love Festival for an hour of mesmerizing Tech House vibes. Enjoy!

01 00:00:10 Danny Howells
Earthlings X
02 00:05:25 Know this track? Tell us
03 00:10:40 Chus & Ceballos
More I Want U
04 00:15:50 Know this track? Tell us
05 00:19:10 Felipe Cobos
06 00:24:15 CJ Jeff
07 00:29:20 Javi Bora & Javi Lopez
F**king Hummer
08 00:33:15 Andrew Meller
Body and Soul
09 00:36:50 Will Easton
10 00:41:35 Know this track? Tell us
11 00:46:30 Alexander Aurel
Reach Out (Ramon Tapia)
12 00:52:10 Andrew Meller
13 00:56:00 Know this track? Tell us
14 00:59:40 Xuko
Da Jazz
15 01:04:10 Veltek
16 01:09:00 Andrew Meller
Born Slippy (Reincarnation Edit)
17 01:14:55 Know this track? Tell us
18 01:19:00 Wise D, Kobe
19 01:25:10 Lauren Lane
Forget To Remember
20 01:28:45 Kinnerman
Horns & Hats
21 01:33:00 Andrew Meller
Godfather's Dance Original Mix
22 01:36:30 Yello
Bostich (DJ Hell)
23 01:44:30 Dilby

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