Ilija Djokovic | Green Love Festival, Novi Sad (Serbia)

DJ Set #580

April 2018
Event / Location
Green Love Festival / Novi Sad, Serbia

As an artist whose profile has rapidly expanded from Serbia’s techno realm, Ilija Djokovic has subsequently earned support from the best of the genre. Tune in to this dynamic set recorded from his home country at Green Love Festival, where he provides the crowd with some quality techno.


01 00:00:07 Know this track? Tell us
02 00:05:20 DEAS
03 00:10:40 Noir
04 00:14:40 Rudosa
05 00:19:20 Know this track? Tell us
06 00:23:00 Several Definitions
Time (Unknown Mix)
07 00:27:40 ANNA
08 00:32:20 Drumcomplex
09 00:35:10 Ben Klock
10 00:37:20 Alias
The Event
11 00:42:00 Flug
Take It Easy
12 00:45:30 Alias
13 00:49:25 Pig & Dan
The Earth (Shall Ocin)
14 00:52:35 ANNA
The Dansant
15 00:57:00 Odd People
Inside Of This
16 01:00:25 Boston 168
Even The Day
17 01:05:20 Ilija Djokovic

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