Mike Spirit & Tonique Le Deejay | Kazantip (Ukraine)

DJ Set #634

July 2010
Event / Location
Kazantip / Ukraine

DanceTrippin launches a brand new concept: Sol Sessions. We now don't just bring the party, but also the sun and the soul to your house! Grab your sunglasses, sip a cocktail and enjoy this ride at Kazantip beach with Mike Spirit & Tonique Le Deejay.

Recorded after the closing party of 2010, stay tuned for many more shows from this year coming soon.

01 00:00:07 Soul II Soul
Back To Life
02 00:03:11 Fragile State
Every Day A Story
03 00:08:00 Cantoma
04 00:13:55 Gorillaz
Plastic Beach
05 00:18:06 Club Des Belugas
Peace Will Come With Sleep
06 00:22:30 John Surman
Edges Of Illusion
07 00:27:14 Know this track? Tell us
08 00:31:35 Know this track? Tell us
09 00:33:20 Paul Simon
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover
10 00:38:04 Know this track? Tell us
11 00:42:38 Serge Gainsbourg
Je T'aime Moi Non Plus
12 00:47:20 OMFO
Sirtaki On Mars
13 00:53:00 Alicia Keys
Prelude To A Kiss
14 00:55:07 Gare du Nord
Pablo's Blues

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