DJ Set

Seshling Showcase
DWREK at Horseshoe Bend

October 2019

For the inaugural installment of the Showcase Series, Seshling features DWREK playing a melodic Afro House and Techno DJ set at the world famous Horseshoe Bend natural landmark in northern Arizona, USA.

Recorded live on 22 June, 2019 More info: Seshling is a creative collective dedicated to showcasing universal music experiences. We film and livestream DJ sets to create content that is artistic and innovative.

Seshling was created in January 2019 by Derek Skinnell, Zack Cox, and Taylor Cohn.

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Filmed by: Quinlan Donovan-Schager Caden DePietro Josh Belveal

Produced by: Derek Skinnell Zack Cox Taylor Cohn

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Genres Techno, House
Production date June 22, 2019
Location Horseshoe Bend, Artizona (USA)