Live Set,Jam


39 mins. | 2020 | Techno


David Haberfeld AKA Honeysmack is ACID. Critically acclaimed and awarded electronic artist who’s significantly contributed to Australia’s Acid, Techno and electronic dance music community for well over 25 years. Equal parts performer, producer, prankster, punk and academic, but all electronic – Honeysmack’s reputation for challenging mediocrity is a common thread throughout his work.

His work as an energetic and colourful live electronic act has earned him rare respect on the Australian live rock and EDM circuits in the 1990s with his punk approach and attitude. David’s work engages audiences with a liveliness that is unique and distinctly Honeysmack– best experienced live! His dynamic performances and productions are purely hardware based and centre on Roland’s iconic machines of the 1980s including the TB-303, TR-909 and TR-808. These machines were pivotal in the development of electronic dance music, and David continues to explore new contexts with these vintage machines throughout his work. His work also strongly features modular synthesis and enjoys the creative possibilities each new configuration can sonically provide.

Honeysmack is man, machine and voltage rolled into one. Every performance is unique because everything is improvised. No two Honeysmack performances are alike! Honeysmack's new full length album Post Acid is released on February 28, 2020 on Carl Cox's label Awesome Soundwave