@Kama Sutra Lovers
Paris (France)

16 mins. | Kama Sutra Lovers | 2019 | Tech House, Minimal Tech


By Kama Sutra Lovers

Take an exotic trip with Kama Sutra Lovers (KSL)! Video now available on the free DanceTelevision Apps!

‘Prometheus' is a sleek and solid live performance with an impressive ensemble of analog equipment creating a smooth modern sound unique to your ears.


Their core live set up consists of an Elektron Analog 4, Analog Keys, OB6, Analog Rytm, and Octatrack, mixed through a PLAYdifferently MODEL1. 

Effects are using the Eventide H9s and the internal effects of the Elektron boxes.

The output of the MODEL1 mixer was jacked into their analog processing chain of a Rockrupel Compressor and an Elysia MUSEQ for some glue and extra juiciness. It was captured into Reaper at 96Khz and final limiting with done using the Fabfilter Pro-L limiter.

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