Giorgia Angiuli
Florence (Italy)

12 mins. | 2020 | House,Techno,Tech House


Giorgia Angiuli, from her colorful studio, shows us her work in the connection between colours and sounds and how she gets inspiration from arts and paintings. Giorgia has always been fascinated by this topic, learning from Scriabin, Newton and many others Theories. She paints her music following those connections: C = red /// D = yellow // E = black/// F = blu ///G = white ///A = pink /// B = green. She invites all producers to explore their imagination by creating a track (using her stems in free download, or starting from scratch) getting inspiration from the fantastic painting “Nighthawks” by E. Hopper. The dark atmosphere of the painting, completed after Pearl Harbour, is similar to our uncertain times, due to the Covid. Giorgia says “ What I love in music and paintings is the mix between dark and optimistic vibes, even in the darkness every colour can be found. My advice is to think less and to feel more, art helps us to live a journey and brings us to another dimension.