DJ Set

Zenker Brothers
Lovefest (Serbia)

September 2016

Since starting their craft almost 10 years ago in 2007, the German Zenker Brothers have established a platform for their own productions on the label Ilian Tape. In 2012 the duo started playing their notorious B2B sets deriving from the Detroit and Techno legacy, with House, Dub, Hip Hop and Breakbeats all apart of their impressive style.

It was the elder one of the brothers, Dario, who first found his way into Munich’s flourishing scene of electronic dance music during the late nineties. He was a huge fan of Hip Hop and Dub when he stumbled into the neon lights of the omnipresent Goa parties that got staged in many clubs. His first set of turntables was a gift from his parents at the age of fifteen and he quickly found himself at the other side of the dance floor. In 2006 his younger brother Marco, who also was an enthusiastic supporter of Hip Hop and Reggae music – apart from being quite a talented skateboarder -, went to see Dario perform and fell in love with the unique vibe of Techno and House parties. This night was a crucial turning point in any sense.

Besides focusing on Ilian Tape they have released records on such notable labels such as Tresor or Marcel Fengler’s IMF imprint. In 2015 they released their first album called Immersion, which was the next natural step and heart project after they moved their two bedroom studios together in 2013.

As the day drew to a close at this year's Lovefest, this exciting abundance of groove took to the stage displaying a reputation fiercely respected, with melodic techno vibes throughout. 

Genre Techno
Production date August 5, 2016
Location Serbia
Party Lovefest
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