Cluj Napoca (Romania)

3 mins. | 2019 | Deep House


Enjoy Vander's musical journey on the  Daydreaming Experience stage at UNTOLD 2019 - Cluj Napoca (Romania).

His Latin origins has an influence on his music. His sound is rhythmic and spiritual, encouraging its wisdom the human connection.
Using his music to channel love and inspiration.

Vander is an established music producer and resident at The Gardens of Babylon, involved in major record labels and his schedule is full.
His talents propeled him into some of top festivals around the world, such as the festival Untold, The Monastery Festival, Pleinvrees Festival, among others.

He has released under the footprints of the legendary Stil Vor Talent, LNDKHN, Klassified, Souq Records, Art Vibes and his personal record store called "Crossings."


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