Mischkonsum, Severin Su, Deborah De Luca
SpringFestival Graz | Kanonenbastei - Graz (Austria)

0 mins. | 2020 | Techno,Deep House,Melodic Tech


Springfestival is a mix of inspiring electronic music, art, design and technology in one of Europe’s finest second cities: Graz in Austria.

For its 2020 edition, in the context of the global pandemic, Springfestival presents a two days social distancing streaming event, recorded on October 24 & 26.

Tune in on our TV channel or social media streams (Youtube, Facebook, Twitch).

DAY 1 //  Friday December 11,  from Kanonbastei Graz. 

17:00* - Mischkonsum 
18:30 - Severin Su 
20:00 - Deborah De Luca

*Central European time 

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